about greek heritage month


Presented by the Hellenic Canadian Congress of BC, the festival aims to share the rich Greek culture which spans 2500 years of history, including over 100 years of social and cultural contributions to the City of Vancouver. The Hellenic Canadian Congress of BC is an association of Greek organizations and communities representing Canadians of Hellenic heritage in the province of BC to various levels of government. It fosters education, communication, and cooperation between Hellenic Canadians and other ethnic groups, and promotes the development of just and equitable policies and legislation concerning all citizens. The Congress encourages and promotes the retention and development of Hellenism in BC within the multicultural context of Canada.


"Όπως λέει και το γνωστό παραδοσιακό ελληνικό τραγούδι, η Ελλάδα (και φυσικά μαζί της οι Έλληνες απανταχού της γης), «μόνο λίγο καιρό ξαποσταίνει, και ξανά προς τη δόξα τραβά...!»


For decades, the Hellenic Canadian Congress of British Columbia has offered a massive contribution to promoting Greek culture in British Columbia; Greek Heritage Month is this year too, despite COVID-19, at the forefront of these efforts.


On behalf of the Greek Government, I would like to express our warmest thanks and gratitude for your efforts and wish you success for this year’s certainly different, but definitely worth attending Greek Heritage Month festivities and events!"

- Consul General of Greece, Eleni Georgopoulou